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God has given His Word for the purpose of revealing Himself to man. Were it not for the Scriptures man would know very little about the God who is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. Instead he would be left to have only a very limited knowledge of a creator. But God, in His grace, has given to man the complete and perfect revelation of Himself. As Scroggie wrote, "The Bible is given to us that we might know God…"[1]; and R.A. Torrey echoed the same idea when he said, "From the first chapter of Genesis to the last chapter of Revelation, we see God as a person, an infinite and perfect person"[2]. When one considers these truths they will then see that the primary purpose of the Scriptures is to reveal the God of Heaven. He reveals that He is a loving God (1 JN 4:8), that He is a holy God (Lev. 11:44) and many other truths that man would know nothing of had He not chosen to tell him in His Word. However, that is not to imply that the Bible doesn't also serve as the only perfect source of answers to the questions that plague the heart of man. From the purpose of man's existence, to the destiny of man after life on this earth; there is no other source for the answers to these hard questions than through the revelation of God. Thus, the primary purpose of the revelation is God revealing Himself to man.


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