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This article was originally published in 2007

Our world wants to diagnose teenage rebellion as a disorder and subsequently medicate it with the latest clinically proven drug. However, anyone can look at our society and see that this “quick fix” for teenage problems does not work. So is it a given, unchangeable fact that every teenager will be rebellious? The answer to that question is a resounding NO! With a desire to raise godly teenagers, what can we do to avoid the turbulence so often associated with young people?  

The first essential in avoiding “teen turbulence” is a proper relationship with Jesus Christ. Luke 6:47-49 gives us a great picture of the necessity of having God in His proper place in our homes. The house built on the Rock (God and His Word) was able to withstand the storms and violent winds. Transversely, the house built on the sands (worldly wisdom) was destroyed. From this we learn that both homes faced the storm but only one was destroyed—the one with the weak foundation. You may be asking yourself, “But how can I make certain that my teenager has the proper relationship with God, that his life is resting on the firm foundation?” The following list may help you in your task of raising a godly, Christ-honoring teenager, one that will not bow to the storms of rebellion:  

1—Keep your teenager faithful to church. Make sure he attends teen church and activities since these are specialized times for teenagers to interact with other Christian teenagers and to grow and learn God’s Word.  

2—Keep your teenager’s devotional life in check. Make sure he is praying and reading his Bible on a daily basis. Just as you provide his physical nourishment, make sure that he is receiving spiritual nourishment from God’s Word.  

3—Keep your teenager aware of his life’s purpose. Make sure he knows that he is important. His life’s purpose is to glorify God, win the lost, and grow into Christian maturity. Most likely the things that you as a parent emphasize will be most important to your teenager.   Parents carry a great responsibility in the life of their children. It is our God-given duty to help our teenagers in their relationship with Christ. We must first be an example of that which is pleasing to God. Then, we must be actively involved in the lives of our children—leading them into godliness. They need our example and our encouragement.