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What is your goal in life concerning money? In our society today it seems that the normal attitude towards money is that of "give me some more please"! As a husband and father of four I feel the pressure all the time to make sure that I am accumulating wealth for myself and my family. It seems as though everywhere I turn someone is trying to get me to invest in this, and put my money there so I can get the best return. I will tell you I am not against saving and being a good steward, as a matter of fact I think it is completely necessary, but all the hype about money seems to have caused a lot of people to put too much focus upon it. Actually, the result of all the emphasis on money has been to cause many people to begin to focus on it more than God. The desire of many is to be rich. Many young couples don't have kids because they are trying to make a million, some are not getting married, and many are putting things before God for the purpose of gaining wealth. Most of the financial planners of today stimulate the desire of Christians to be rich. All around us we are pressured to turn our focus on amassing wealth and sad to say but this pressure is even present in the church.

The question arises, "How does God feel about this subject?" The answer is found in I Timothy 6:9 where Paul writes,

But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.


In a passage where he is encouraging contentment we read that living to be rich brings something quite different from what we expected to get out of it. When being rich is our motive in life the results are actually very negative. We are said to be overcome by temptation and a snare. Temptation references the fact that you will be enticed to commit sin to gain wealth. A snare is a picture of a trap that a bird gets into and is entangled in. The goal of being rich proves to be very hurtful for the Christian. So what should the Christian's attitude be towards money?

We find in II Corinthians 8, that God gives to us not for the purpose of allowing us to amass great wealth, but so that we can meet our needs and the needs that are evident around us. God doesn't tell us to see how much money we can have, instead He tells us to look to see what needs are evident around us.

So what should you do with the money God entrusts to you? Well to start with give back to Him. He doesn't need it but He told you to do it! Then meet your needs and the needs of your family. It is essential, if you desire to be a good steward, that you budget money and know where every dollar goes. Otherwise you will waste God's money! You should also save some of your income. This is only wise. As you save and avoid wasteful practices be sensitive to what needs God might bring to your attention. When you see a definite need be willing to meet it. If God put it on your heart He will make sure He takes care of you.

Whatever you do with money, don't let it become the thing that rules your life. Remember, they that make as their goal to be rich get entangled in a web that is almost impossible to get out of!