Ponderings about the Pandemic:
The recent sickness that has swept across the world has been a conglomeration of different things. From scary, to sad, to frustrating, to aggravating just to name a few. Many people have lost their lives over the last few months and that is truly heart breaking. For those who lost people they knew and loved, it has been especially hurtful. But as the air hopefully begins to clear, I think its time to begin to try and assimilate our thoughts and think as clearly about all of this as we possibly can. I know these are my thoughts and not yours. And I know that many will disagree with me about the conclusions that I have come to, but in an attempt to bring hope and not fear I want to share these conclusions with you.
1. No one, and I mean no one, was completely prepared for this situation. The unknown brings out fear and frustration. May we learn from this event so we will be better prepared for the future.
2. Everybody made mistakes in dealing with this situation. Some were too extreme, others were probably not extreme enough.
3. Some people lost their lives. The exact numbers we will probably never know.
4. The politicizing of such an event is the most scary thing of all, this revealed the heartlessness of those who are supposed to be our nations leaders.
5. Our society can be brought to the point of extreme fear. That fear causes us to turn on one another and that in return can lead to chaos and danger.
6. Government definitely likes the idea of power. That is no surprise. We are prideful people. And pride and power are a dangerous combination.
7. We are governed by social acceptance. If you want to force people to do something that they don't want to do just make it the socially cool thing to do and everyone else will do your dirty work for you.
8. We all need God more than government! He is our only hope.
9. Thankfully, the Bible says Jesus is coming back at any moment. Because this is true we can look forward to His glorious appearing regardless to what's going on down here.
10. Until He comes, we are to be getting ourselves ready, sharing the Gospel, and striving to glorify Him as we live on this globe (that's round by the way).
I challenge all the people of God everywhere.... Let's get our focus back on Jesus and off of all the things that are distracting and dividing us. We have a world to reach with the Gospel and a God to glorify. We can't do either of those living in hate, fear, or even in doubt. So rise up church, and let's get busy about the things of God again.
Until He comes