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How Should The Christian Vote?

Voting is in the hearts and minds of all of us in these days. We are bombarded by commercials, pictures, radio ads, etc. It's almost amusing how each candidate for each of the different races reveals to the American people how horrible their opponent is. From the race for president down to the local officials, everyone is unfit for office and a crook, at least according to the commercials.

It would be a wonderful thing if we, as Christians had a truly God-fearing candidate that we could throw our full support behind. However, I fear that its highly unlikely that we will see such a candidate anytime in the near future. Pray for our country. God's people need to mobilize and get busy doing His work. We need to reach the lost for Jesus Christ.

So the predicament that each of us faces is this; "what do I do when both of the people that I can vote for fail to meet my Christian standards for belief and conduct?" I believe the answer to this question is four-fold.

First, we have to pray. God is the one who establishes our governing authorities (Romans 13:1) and we need to pray for grace and mercy in this area. We don't deserve to "have it good" but we must plead with God to help us.

Second, we need to do our research. We shouldn't align ourselves with any specific party. I don't vote for a candidate just because he/she is a republican or democrat. So that means I have to do a little digging and try to find out what each candidate stands for. We need to figure out what their beliefs are and how they would make decisions if in office. Once this research is done, print off a sample ballot so you can mark who you will vote for before you go to the polls. I strongly encourage every Christian to know what will be on the ballot before you get to the voting booth.

Third, we need to get out and vote. The Christian has way too much to lose to stay at home during an election. We have the privilege and right to vote in this country, and might I add, I believe the responsibility to do so. Not voting for one is voting for the other one!

Fourth, consider what is at stake in this election. When it comes to the presidential elections there are numerous major issues that will be decided upon in the next four years. Many of our freedoms as Christians could prove to be in danger. Every time we lose the freedom to exercise our free will in relation to the things of God we have suffered a great loss. America has been so greatly blessed because it has had the opportunity and willingness to be a beacon for the Lord Jesus Christ. It's ability to fulfill this great calling could be in jeopardy with many of the eroding opinions of judges and law makers. To name a few more, our insurance and medical systems are swirling out of control like never before. What are the candidates going to do about it? There is no doubt an issue with immigration, what are their solutions? We know there will be one Supreme Court Judge appointed, and possibly more. Who will they appoint? The economy and stock market are both in serious jeopardy, what are their solutions. Abortion, need I say more? From looking carefully at these areas, I do believe that the Christian can come to a clear decision which candidate would best benefit our country, society, and which would prove to be a help to Christian beliefs.  Notice that I didn't say anything about the candidates moral or religious views. The reality is that neither candidate has ground to stand upon in this area. It is sad that this is the case but this is where we live. And in case you forgot, Americans nominated both of these candidates. There is not going to be another option this election, so you have to decide between the two.

The reality is this; you will have to make a decision on November 8th! You can do nothing, which I believe would be a neglect of your responsibility. You could choose a candidate based upon how good they were at arguing and debating, their sex, past, color, popularity with the media, etc. Or you could pray and do your homework. From this make an informed decision based upon what really are facts instead of succumbing to the propaganda that is rampant right now in America. Christian, you decide what you should do, then prayerfully do it!