Below are some thoughts from the study of Acts 6. The subject of disgruntled church family members arises. 

 I want to make a couple of remarks about this before moving on. 1. First, to talk to everybody else in town about an issue you have with your church, pastor, or fellow church member is useless and senseless, actually it’s sin. To go to the grill and complain about what I did on Sunday is of no help to anyone. To call up everyone and jaw about your frustrations with your church is futile, it’s actually sin, its gossip, slander, and sowing discord among the brethren…. 2. To talk to people who can’t do anything about the problem you are concerned with is a waste of time. If you are frustrated with how the nursery worker changes diapers, you have accomplished nothing by sharing that frustration with a fellow aggravated diaper wielding mom. Great harm is done to the Church’s influence and testimony in a community when people sin with their tongues. And I will assure you, the judgement of God will be great upon those who participate is such shenanigans. And the impact upon the Church and ministry will often be devastating.

SO, if you love your church and your pastor and the people, resist the temptation that the devil dangles before you to be a gossiping, slandering, busy body…. Instead talk about the great things you learned in the sermon that morning, talk about the great people God has gathered in your church family, tell them how handsome your pastor is……. But don’t give in to the devils temptation to run your mouth….. whenever these temptations come, it is completely appropriate to borrow the words of the Savior, “Get thee behind me Satan”. 

 So what should you do? Go to the individual who is directly responsible for the area in which your issue resides. Talk to the person in charge. Ask questions. Voice concerns. Give those in the place of leadership the opportunity to respond. They may not know the issue is going on. They may be in the process of correcting it already. You may be mistaken in your assumptions. Any of these are possibilities and could be quick resolutions to your problem. Talking to the right people in a situation like this could save you from embarrassment, it could help the church become better by challenging it to address issues that had been overlooked, it could help you come to the place of understanding, and it will prevent the Name of Christ from being dishonored. That is always a great thing and should be at heart in our every dealing.