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April 5th, 2020

COVID-19 Updates and Service Plans

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It has been a very unusual time for all of us over the last week as life has gone from normal to completely chaotic in some cases.  I know this has been a difficult time for many of our people, and I wanted to encourage you today. 

First, God is good! He is always good, and He is always here. We don’t have to worry that He will ever leave us. The truth is, even in the middle of a pandemic, our God is just as near as He was before the crisis. We have been told to distance ourselves from one another for the purpose of preventing the spread of this sickness, but just remember our God is near!

Secondly, this has been a very trying time for your church leadership. We long to be with our people and to encourage each one of you. We long to have the opportunity to feed the flock, but the circumstances have made it almost impossible. While it can seem disheartening to be apart, rest assured that Pastor Marcus and I are working to find opportunities to communicate with the church family during this unusual situation. We will be giving you more information concerning creative ways to worship together in the days ahead. Here are a few things that will be taking place. 

Daily Updates/Prayer Requests/Encouragement from the Word

This will be in the form of a video that will be sent out every evening and found below.

Special Service Events

Our goal is to continue to provide all the weekly events as much as possible. We want to have the opportunity to serve God’s people without interruption each week. The service schedule and plans can be found below.

Special Needs

Because none of us really know how long the current conditions will continue, we are available to any of our church family who may have special needs. If you need assistance, please contact us.


Kid's Night Out


Nursing Home Service


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