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Childrens Classes (Infant-6th Grade)

Our Infants-Toddlers class (NB-1) is taught by loving teachers who make sure your child is well taken care of during the Sunday School hour. The class time includes singing and a short Bible lesson taught on the level of the students. This class meets down stairs in our Family Life Center.

Preschoolers (2-4 yr olds) have a blast each Sunday as they work in at learning the stories of the Scriptures. Our experienced teachers make this class time fun and instructional. This class meets upstairs in our Family Life Center.

The Lower Elementary class (K-2nd) is an exciting time where our experienced teachers instruct your child from God's Word and teach them with real life applications of the stories of the Scriptures. The goal is to teach the students the stories of the Bible while beginning to help the children to make appropriate appication.This class meets upstairs in our Family Life Center.

Our Upper Elementary class (3rd-5th) meets each week and begins the process of deepening thier understanding of the Bible. This is a time when children are challenged to apply each of the truths of Scripture to their individual lives. During these years the student gains a fuller understanding of salvation and Christlikeness. This class meets upstairs in our Family Life Center.

Teen Class

The Teen class (7th-12th) meets in the Family Life Center on the 2nd floor. The focus of this class time is to help equip teens to deal with the things that life brings their way. From answering many of lifes questions, to spending time making specific application from the Scriptures to the day and age which teens live; this class is a great asset to the Christian teenager.

                                                Adult Classes

Young and Loving It is a group designed for 20 & 30 somethings. Single and married alike, this time in life presents a whole new set of challenges that can be met with the proper wisdom from God's Word. This group meets in the Family Life Center on the second floor.

Our Home Builders class is one of our newest and most exciting classes. Our time together is spent growing in our relationships with Christ while learing from God's Word, how to realte to life as a single adult, grow in your marriage, raise your children for Christ, and Biblically live in this world. This class meets upstairs in our Church Office Building.

The Senior Saints class is where our seniors meet each week for Bible study. They study through the books of the Bible while making specific life applications. This group is very active in our church. They take part in a lot of activities and nourish a close family atmosphere. This class meets in the Sanctuary.


Kids' Night Out / Awana

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